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"Dance is where my design journey began. If I didn't grow up dancing, I never would have made my own regalias. Designing and constructing my own regalias lead to creating custom regalia for other dancers. Regalia making is where all of my sewing and designing skills were incubated." - Jennifer Denny


Mi'kmaq First Nations Regalia-maker, Jennifer Denny has been creating wearable art for the past 16 years. 


1998 & 2005 - Jennifer Denny has been powwow dancing since 1998 (24 years of dance experience) and began dancing competitively in 2005. Today she practices four Indigenous dance styles: Northern Traditional, Jingle, Fancy Shawl and Kojua.


2006-2008 - During her teenage years she had acquired the skill set of constructing two categories of regalia; 1) Powwow dance attire and 2) Mi'kmaq cultural attire.

2011-2013 - Jennifer operated her own Powwow based company titled Woksape & Co. - Dance, Regalia & Performance. Within a 2 year span of business Jennifer created over 17 commissioned regalias, conducted 5 dance courses and performed at over 25 events including the Halifax Airport, MSVU, DAL, ST.FX, NSCC Truro Campus, NSCC Akerly Campus, CFB Halifax, Springhill Institution and Dorchester Penitentiary.

2014-2015 - Jennifer Denny attended the Blanche Macdonald Centre for a 13 month Fashion Design program.

2019-present - The online Streetwear Fashion Label now owned by Jennifer Denny went live on November 11, 2019 and has been featured on CBC, CBC Indigenous, Saltwire and Let Me Overthink About It.

2006-2022 - Jennifer has devoted her life to sewing and beadwork. She has focused her unique skill sets on designing her wearable art for Indigenous powwow dancers and cultural garments for the Mi'kmaq people.

TODAY - Jennifer Denny operates an Atelier in conjunction with her Streetwear Fashion Label titled L'NU'K Clothing Co.

Please use the contact information bellow to book Jennifer Denny in 2022 & 2023 for:

Virtual Dance Classes ⭑ Live Performance ⭑ Cultural Speaking ⭑ Custom work ⭑ Ribbonskirt Making Workshop

Contact Information

Jennifer Denny

P: 1-902-410-5798


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